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The Guilds of The Center

                              Supporting Community Through the Arts

About The Guilds:

The Guilds of The Center
The oldest and largest of all the Support Groups, The Guilds is a thriving network of individuals who are committed to encouraging appreciation and enjoyment of the arts while raising both awareness of and financial support for The Center. Members of The Guilds have seen how the arts can transform lives and inspire the spirit. Within a community as diverse as Orange County, the arts serve to unite us.

The Guilds encompasses eight Area Guilds, each representing a particular region of Orange County. Within each Area Guild are numerous groups, giving each chapter a unique identity. Some groups are based on age, special interests and hobbies. Each chapter's members have ample opportunity to develop close friendships and social contacts.

There are 25 adult chapters that sponsor community events and fundraisers, and a youth chapter located throughout Orange County. Chapters design their own social and fundraising events. Members also have the opportunity to get to know one another behind the scenes and pre-performance events, the annual holiday Toys for Tots drive, the spring fashion show and a valuable leadership conference. Celebrate and support the arts by becoming a member of The Guilds of The Center; it's a great way to become involved in your community and one of the great cultural treasures of Orange County, Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

Guilds Membership Benefits:

  • Special ticketing offers for Guilds Night performances. Invitations to open rehearsals and other exclusive Guilds and Center events.

  • Subscriptions to Revue magazine, Front and Center, Center Spotlight and The Guilds own publication, The Circuit.

  • Becoming a part of the special bond formed among members based upon their interest and appreciation of the performing arts.

  • Helping to ensure the future of this vital performing arts center for generations to come, which is perhaps the greatest benefit of all.
While helping The Center present world-class entertainment and sponsor vital education programs, The Guilds is a marvelous way to get involved with and give back to our community.

Please note: The above excerpts were taken from and publications provided by The Center.