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2014-2015 Cabaret Membership

Cabaret Chapter's new fiscal year begins July 1, 2014 and we are looking forward to another event-filled year at Cabaret Chapter. We know you will want to be a part of this exciting group. Included in our dues structure is membership in The Guilds of Segerstrom Center for the Arts (The Guilds). If you join Cabaret Chapter after March 1, 2014 before the beginning of our new fiscal year, you will receive a bonus of the balance of those months included in your 2014 - 2015 membership. You will receive exciting information about our chapter, The Guilds, and the Center via our website,, as well as The Guilds Newsletter "The Circuit" and Segerstrom Center for the Arts Revue magazine. As a member in good standing of The Guilds you will receive mailings of upcoming events at the Center. In addition, members are offered discounted tickets to a number of events or Guild's Nights at the Center throughout the year.

Cabaret Membership Application Form

The following is an explanation of the two classifications of membership in Cabaret Chapter:

Active: Annual member dues $90.00. May vote and hold office.

  • Expected to attend General Meetings, when available, and the mandatory Annual Election General Meeting in May (or submit proxy vote).
  • Encouraged to volunteer a minimum of one hour of time to participate in the planning or support of a Cabaret event or our major fundraiser each year.
  • Purchase or sell at least one ticket to our major fundraiser each year.

Patron: Annual dues $200. May not vote or hold office.

  • Prior membership not required.
  • Welcome but not required to attend meetings or events.
  • Encouraged to support The Cabaret Chapter and The Guilds whenever possible.
  • Obligated to support our Annual Fundraiser

We are looking forward to receiving your completed application form and check as soon as possible. You will experience a fun-filled year with our members, enjoying Cabaret Chapter's many social activities while we work within the structure of The Guilds of the Center toward our ultimate goal of promoting and supporting the Center's outstanding youth and community education programs. WE make it happen! Bravo Cabaret!


Terry Thacker, Vice President-Membership
24941 Grisson Circle
Laguna Hills, CA 92653